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How can you shape a workplace that cultivates employee satisfaction and financial success?  The answer lies in our tailored training development programs and HR consulting services!

I understand the unique dynamics at play in today's workforce. That's where my expertise in employee development and retention, coupled with a focus on generational and leadership development, comes in.

Our tailored training and development programs are designed to ignite lasting transformation within your organization. By tapping into the potential of each individual, our programs empower employees with the skills and insights needed to excel as leaders and team players. 

By investing in our expert-led training initiatives and HR consulting services, you'll witness:

  • a remarkable reduction in turnover rates

  • enhanced communication and problem-solving abilities

  • increased employee satisfaction, and

  • a workforce that is driven to excel under exceptional leadership.

Monique Gibson

CEO and Founder

Don't let high turnover hinder your progress! 

Let us help you build a strong and loyal team, where each generation thrives, leadership excels, and your organization reaches new heights of success.

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About Us

Welcome to JMCO Consulting LLC, a distinguished practice committed to igniting employee development and training. As a small woman/minority/veteran owned establishment, I proudly offer a fusion of Legal, HR, and Military expertise to steer your organization toward success.

With a foundation rooted in my experience as a military veteran and accomplished professional in corporate HR, employment law, and employee and leadership training, I provide a unique lens through which to view leadership, teamwork, and organizational dynamics. I wholeheartedly recognize the individuality of each organization, tailoring solutions to address your distinct needs and challenges.

Spanning a wide spectrum of services, my core offerings encompass employee development training that sharpens critical thinking and teamwork, Executive leadership programs that nurture emotional intelligence and cultivate future leaders, and HR consulting that streamlines talent and processes.

Moreover, my expertise extends to mediation and conflict resolution, providing a harmonious path for resolving disputes. With a dedicated commitment to delivering tangible outcomes and the highest level of service, my driving forces are collaboration and innovation. These values ensure I remain at the forefront, offering state-of-the-art solutions that usher in success.

As you embark on a journey of empowering your employees through development and training, consider the transformative potential of my HR consulting, mediation, and conflict resolution services. Together, we'll forge a formidable, engaged, and exceptionally effective workforce that propels your organization to unparalleled excellence.

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Featured Clients

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Service Packages



Training Package:

  1. Initial Training Needs Assessment

  2. Customized Training Program

  3. Training Program Delivery


Training Package:

  1. Comprehensive Training Needs Assessment

  2. Customized Training Program

  3. Training Program Delivery

  4. 1:1 Coaching.

HR Consulting    Services:

• Conflict Resolution

• Mediation

• Talent/Workforce Planning

• EEO Investigations, Responses
• Review of Processes 

Training Course Catalog

• Working Across Generations

• Leadership Skills

• Effective

• Emotional Intelligence
• Managing Self

• Strategic Thinking

• Team Building

• Conflict Resolution

• Presentation Skills

• Agile/Flexible/Resilient Leadership
• Neuroleadership & Mindfulness

• Change Management

• Transformational Leadership
• Sustainable and Ethical Leadership

• Customized Curriculum (based on needs)


Training Package:

  1. Initial Training Needs Assessment

  2. Customized Training Program

  3. Training Program Delivery

  4. Group Coaching

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